The Journey, Part Two

Previously: The Journey, Part One

The offer to travel came out of the blue.

I was just going about another busy day in the office, then:

“Travel for us. Write a tale. We’ll pay for some of the trip.”

I wanted to go – I needed to go – and I could never have afforded the journey on my own right now.

It was as if an unspoken Christmas wish had been heard, and so I found myself with less than a week to plan a trip. I needed insurance, medication, Visas, a new luggage bag (my old one fell apart on my last trip) – and on top of that I needed to actually plan the trip itself.

What would I do in Chiang Mai? Where would I stay? Who would I do it with? Could I travel on my own? Was I even ready to travel on my own?

Of course, I didn’t think about those questions right away. A split second after the offer, I found myself blurting out “Absolutely. I’m there.”

It’s the lizard brain that resists the journey. The part that tells me that I’m not ready, that I haven’t saved enough money, that I haven’t planned this properly, that I’d be stuck in a bad place with no way out.

But then my heart – that loving part of us that gives us courage and creativity and drives us forward – my heart told the lizard brain to GTFO.

Of course I was ready. Honestly, it's the easiest solution. If you don't know the answer, love. See what happens.

Of course I was able.

I’m a capable human being with a rather sizable ability for lateral thinking. I’m like a modern day MacGyver.

Every problem has a solution.

So I set about solving this one.

Concluded in tomorrow’s post: The Journey, Conclusion

“I’ve always wanted to sail to the south seas, but I can’t afford it.”
What these men can’t afford is NOT to go. They are enmeshed in the cancerous discipline of security. And in the worship of security we fling our lives beneath the wheels of routine – and before we know it our lives are gone.
– Sterling Hayden,


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