Sometimes opportunities just come knocking. And when they do, you have a choice:

Either you take the opportunity, or you don’t.

So I took this opportunity to visit Northern Thailand for two weeks. This site is a short little chronicle of a solo adventure to the upper reaches of one of the most awesome countries ever.

About Your Intrepid And Somewhat Adventurous Author

My name is Adam, I’m Australian, and I have red hair. I also have a beard.

I’ve  been a traveller since 1992 when my family road tripped down from Brisbane, QLD, to the Snowy Mountains in NSW, Australia.

Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to grace the shores of New Zealand, North America, Japan, Western Europe, South East Asia, and most recently my own country. It’s odd how Australians travel half a world away to visit places, and yet never really explore our own backyard.

Travel is adventure. It opens you up to ideas and experiences that you couldn’t possibly understand if you stayed in your own little bubble. It can be at times challenging and exhausting, and yet still be the most rewarding experience you’ve ever had.

I like to blog my travels. My last trip to Asia was for three months, and I once had a blog about North America and Europe on easytravelpage.com but that has since imploded and been lost to the sands of time. I also keep written journals, which will be in a museum one day filed under A for awesome.

My views of the world are my own, and are incredibly broad, but are influenced by a great many people. One of my standing philosophies is captured beautifully by this work from Hugh.

I once showed this to my girlfriend. She laughed. Our relationship didn't last too long.

I hope you enjoy my stories.

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